How Do You REALLY Change Your Vibration?

People are always asking me “HOW do I Really” change my vibration. It is a concept that sounds easy, and it really is, however it takes some astute awareness and a consciousness of the SHIFTING process.

Here is a good example:

After waking, you feel good. Your energetic and rested. Things are going great. You’re feeling really good, without any particular worries or concerns. Suddenly you do an about face and feel apprehensive. Negative feelings set in, replacing your former positive ones. What happened?

In that scenario, how did you lose your good feelings? What made them disappear so quickly? What happened was you had a negative thought! It might have been that you “told” yourself that you would finish that E-book that you have been working on or you might have realized that you had not called a client that you had promised to call. Even something as simple as a remembering that you forgot to pay a bill that is due can prompt a negative reaction (sadness, anger, fear).

Whatever it was…. your good feeling was interrupted with a negative thought. You didn’t even know it happened until you TOOK THE TIME to look back and examine what it was that you were thinking about, that as a result, caused a negative feeling.

Here is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. You MUST learn to recognize the negative thought that produced the FEELING and CHANGE THE FEELING! Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING that makes YOU feel GOOD! A vibration is just energy and you need to consciously change YOUR ENERGY. Jump up and down, turn on some great music that makes you feel good, go outside and take a five minute walk, call your best friend (that ALWAYS makes you FEEL better after you talk to her), tackle that project that you have been putting off for weeks and check it off your list, hug your dog or cat, fix yourself a special cup of tea….whatever IT is that you know gives you a higher energy and makes you FEEL better. DO IT!

AND…… be ready to do it over and over and over again until it becomes SO conscious that you know when you need to shift your thoughts that will shift your vibration. It is a process!

A person with a Millionaire Mindset knows that what they think and feel about something is always influencing the outcome!

Remember: You ARE what you VIBRATE!

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